martedì 29 novembre 2011

LOOK*264 *it's been two years since i let you go*

On ShantyxxRobuini (dark blond)

On Misha Naopolitana (light blondy) 
finger tapes:   *Linc* Finger Tapes Dollarbie 
[poses by PURPLE POSES]

LOOK*263 Find time to be a friend is the way to happiness

Skin:--[PF]Elly <Sugar> - Pure/Angelic   
Hair: >TRUTH<-Clara -  light blondes
Eyes:  .Pekka.Eyeliner only  
Nails::-[SAB]---Nails Complete :Q_ . Black  20 size

Dress:.:Sticky fingers:.-My red knit dress with patches New
Poncho:::C'est la vie !:: -Wbutton poncho knit(black)
Socks::-Izzie's--Overknee Socks white
Shoes:Ubu-PornStar Lo-Tops
Pose:(marukin) -hane for collabor88

sabato 26 novembre 2011

LOOK*262 Because of you ♥

Skin::-[PF]Elly <Sugar> - Pure/Angelic   
Hair:/Wasabi Pills/---Brrree Mesh Hair - Iceberg New
Eyes:  .Pekka.Eyeliner only  
Nails::-[SAB]---Nails Complete :Q_ . Black  20 size
Set::::.rb.::--faun set madness
Pants:::SenSatioN:: -Pants Jenas BLUE New
Sweater:::SenSatioN:: -Jaket one New
Shoes:Ubu-PornStar Lo-Tops
Pose:(pda) -PACK TWO- 8 static poses 88Collabor


LOOK*261 Here I am

Here I am .. as the song of Leona Lewis, who I love so much .. uu
Oh I forgot, Good evening my wonderful friends xD
Tonight we enjoy a bit with 3 different places ..
We start with our fantastic Ines Schridde Owner of! IC-
Just a place I like very much expresses my simplicity in dress but with a good look
Pants ... Done really well with lots of glitter and a belt with bow
Available in all colors
T-shirt, black Attachment To do seem even mesh
more beautiful than that which is u.u
Hair? wow amazing gift of my dear friend that I love so much Larcoco Mathy :)
Pose? Simple outfits like mine ..
Hope you like this post
Hugs and kisses Shanty
 Skin:-[PF]Elly <Sugar> - Pure/Angelic    
Hair:::C'est la vie !:: -cute asian bun hair for kawaii hunt 
Eyes:  .Pekka.Eyeliner only   
Tongue:* Sweet Sin *-Tongue w. Razor New 
Nails::-[SAB]---Nails Complete :Q_ . Black  20 size 
Pants:-!IC--The slouchy pants teal New
Sweater:-!IC--Sweater off shoulder black New
Scarf:--La BlaQ-- -Native Scarf _Cerulean 
Shoes:Ubu-PornStar Lo-Tops

mercoledì 23 novembre 2011

LOOK*259 A moment of joy can heal one thousand moments of sadness

Good evening my dear friends .. How are you? I hope all is well ..
Today there is a cold ... you can not feel ... so I am warm in writing to you xD
I'll show you an outfit from .. pretty .. is all brown *-*
  My favorite color is black over red *-*
... With beautiful new hair mesh with a pretty scarf on his neck that contains un'hud as people want to change the color ... .. in this case.
to me is black ...
Lemon MissAllSunday thank for his beautiful hair .. xD
A classic brown sweater with a phone in your pocket .. .. Available in all colors of Pepper
Black miniskirt to break the Belote .. with Izzie's socks
Available in all colors very little xD
I hope you like it
Kisses and hug Shanty
 Skin:--[PF]Elly <Sugar> - Pure/Angelic   
Hair::/Wasabi Pills/--Brrree Mesh Hair - Golden New
 Eyes:  .Pekka.Eyeliner only
Nails::-[SAB]---Nails Complete :Q_ . Black  20 size
MiniSkirt::*Belote*-Basic Mini Skirt - Black New
Sweater: ~Pepper~ -Cozy Sweater - BROWN - Handy  New
-Izzie's- -Overknee Socks brownShoes:ISON-ISON - girl panic boots (black)

domenica 20 novembre 2011

LOOK*257 To each and 'entrusted with the task of watching over the loneliness of the..ღღ.

Good evening my dear visitors ...
I am so so busy these days .. I do not have much time for you though ..
As my mom always says: "There is always time for everything, then the first duty is pleasure xD"
Today I show you a fantastic outfits made ​​from a store ... great course called :: Sensation:: The name is in fact xD
We put the landmark right here...
Thumper xDD
Go ahead .. I speak of how they are dressed ...
A dress available in all colors .. Of the different textures ... amazing feet ... I personally really like ...
that's why I decided to show them ..
I hope you like it ...
Hugs and kisses shanty
Eyes:  .Pekka.Eyeliner only
Hair::-[LeLutka]-VICTORIA hair/Light Blonde New
Roses Set:::.rb.::-deer/faun roses set
Dress:::SenSatioN:: -Dress Peace 2 New
Leg::::SenSatioN:: -Goat Hoove_ - Leg White New

LOOK*256 My best friend is the mirror, because when I cry never laughs.....

Eyes:  .Pekka.Eyeliner only
Hair: [e]-Soft - White
Sweater::.::YoPulga::. -My Black Pocket Sweater New
Pants:Anymore........*--Low Rise pant blue
Belt:::GB:: -loose_belt_Brack Unisex
Scarf:--La BlaQ-- -Native Scarf _Autumn
Shoes:ISON-ISON - girl panic boots (black)

sabato 19 novembre 2011

LOOK*255 Where there is much light, the shadow is darkest....♥♥

Hello guys and here we are ... how long I've missed you so much ... I was leaving without you crazy .. believe me .. hahahaha
For problems I had to change your Avatar as you read the post below ....
Go ahead .. However the important thing that I am back with you *-*
Today I show you a beautiful post! I hope you like it XD
With a dear friend xandiii
Well then you're ready to start again our wonderful adventure in my blog?? I still want more ... lots and lots of people ...
Kisses and hug Shanty

 On Xandiii
Ears:::7Style:: -Realistic ear v.3
Hair:[NSD]-Lovejoy Hair/Noir
Glasses:[Affonso] -rezz Retro Black / Nose on
Shirt:[:x:] -Public Enemy [:x:] I love your pussy
Jeans:[NSD]-Homme Jeans/Acid
Shoes:Ubu-PornStar Lo-Tops

On Shanty
Hair:*Dura-Girl*-29(Strawberry) New
Glasses:La Malvada Mujer - -The sun is coming #4 [Glasses]
Dress:.:Sticky fingers:.--My brown leopard lingerie dress New
Shoes:ISON - -girl panic boots (black)

martedì 15 novembre 2011

Bacckkkkk! ♥♥

hello girls! i've decided that (for many reasons) i'm going to create a new account only for blogging items on this blog...so my new avatar is ShantyxxRobuini and if you want to add me feel free to do it ^^ ...another thing! if you are interested in sending me your items on this new account drop me folders or notecards :) thank you so much for reading and understanding..

giovedì 3 novembre 2011

Sorry ç__ç

Now I'm going to have a little break in my rl ... because I'm having some serious problems ..
anny kisses and hugs: *

mercoledì 2 novembre 2011

LOOK*254 *Follow the rainbow to the end of the road*

On Misha Naopolitana (right side) 
Piercing:   [-B-] :Basic Piercings: DOLLARBIE
Tights: *Sheer* Tights 02: Torn Nylon Black
Boots:  *Kookie* Pomski Boots -  Black forest

On Anny Avora (left side) 
Scarf:-{*I<3FashiOn*} Wool Hot Scarf