mercoledì 27 giugno 2012

LOOK*326 Life!

Life is made up of small insignificant happiness, like tiny flowers. It is all about great things, like studying, love, weddings, funerals. Every day little things happen, so many that I could not count them or keep them in mind, and between them lie the grains of a happiness hardly noticeable, that the soul breathes and by which he lives...

Skin:-LAQ -~ Ebba - [Fair] - 01  
Hat:-(Rerty) New R Cap ZEBRA Mesh New
Hair:-[y] Camille - Light Red
Lipstick:-Lipstick: .Pekka. CANDY Lipstick
Nails:-[ S H O C K ] Plaid in Colors Nails New
T-Shirt:- :FY: Baggy Sweat Shirt (zombie cat) New
Pants:-.:Useful Things:. gaga pants mesh blue (dark pantie) New
Shoes:-..:: Energie ::. White Slips  Bag 1 linen

LOOK*325 The secret is not to run after butterflies ... And 'maintain the garden because they come to you.

Skin:-LAQ -~ Ebba - [Fair] - 01  
Hair:-[y]  Fresh Summer - Dark Brown New 
Lipstick: .Pekka. CANDY Lipstick
Glasses:(Yummy) Fabby Glasses - Maroon 88L
Percing:-[ S H O C K ] Claws of Death Piercings    
Dress:-[y] Fresh Summer Dress -New 
Feet:- -N-core   "Feet"  

Pose:-[EY:NO] Don`t cry Teddy  Groupgift june

LOOK*324 :D

The older and most people I knew are gone.
And I can not make peace with any of these absence.
So I do? I write. I take an episode from the past and I start writing.
Within the past to those whom you love, are all there, no one is missing. And then writing compel these people, who went to hunt in quell'aldilà without my permission to be with me again.
Until I write them are with me.

Skin:--[PF] Elly <Sugar> - Pure (dkbrow)  
Hair:- /Wasabi Pills/ Jacqueline Mesh Hair - Blonds New
Lipstick:-.Pekka. CANDY Lipstick Colours Edition (senape)
Scarf:--Elixir- MobScarf - Black - New
Hair:--Izzie's -  Hair Flower black New
Tattoo:-- BlackFeet - Maori [FREE]
T-Shirt:--Elixir-.Skull Candy - B&W - New
Pants:-[Dolly] Street Skinny Jeans - ZebraBlack New
Shoes:-[Cliche] Nikita Stillettos 2.0

Pose:-*EverGlow* - TV [FREE]


sabato 23 giugno 2012

LOOK*323 n the silence of a smile... can make noise....

   On Cobra
Skin:AKERUKA Neo Shaved Natural2 Haired New
Hair: -Entente- Yves Hair - B&W
Sweater:Male-OpenHood Grey [BLK2.0New
Jeans:Spirit Store - Melly rigged mesh jeans unisex white
Shoes::::****TCHIKY****::::: chups mesh unisex pieuvre New
On Panteranera brune
Skin:--[PF] Elly <Sugar> - Pure (dkbrow) 
Hair:-MONS / Hair - Ella (platinum)
Lipstick:-.Pekka. CANDY Lipstick
Nails:-[MANDALA]-MILKY WAY RING & NAILS/gaga black 
Jack Daniels:-[y] Rock On - Jack Daniels New
Necklace:-Izzie's - 50's Pearl Necklace cyan
Band Aid:-.::DMD::. Band-aids and Wounds Tattoo Layers New
Dress:-*TwInS FaShIoN - TF*Cloe Dress XL USFlag Silver New
Shoes:-[Cliche] Nikita Stillettos 2.0

LOOK*322 Refusing to love for fear of suffering is like refusing to live in fear of dying...

Skin:-LAQ -~ Ebba - [Fair] - 01  
Hair:-[y] Cassie - Browns New
Lipstick: .Pekka. CANDY Lipstick
Tattoo:-- BlackFeet - Maori [FREE]
Scarf:-Izzie's - *resize* Little Silk Scarf pink New
Complete:-!Admiral Spicy! Ruffled Mesh Romper  (Teal Dots) New
Shoes:-Izzie's - Flower Flats pink   New

martedì 19 giugno 2012

LOOK*321 My Love *-*

Look-(Kjara Palmira) Left
Skin:[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Debbie ] - [ - Ohh Deer Chantilly] group gift
Hair:.ploom. Flint - Blondes New
Necklace:{me.} Pearl Time LONG Necklace // BLACK-GOLD  New
Tattoo: -Munique.  Tattoo Princess New
Dress: -Munique.  Sexy leo dress pink New
Shoes:-N-core   *Group Gift* Coquette Platform
Look-(Panteranera Brune) Right
Hair:-/Wasabi Pills/ Lola summer Mesh Hair - Blonds 
Lipstick:-.Pekka. CANDY Lipstick 
Nails:-[MANDALA]-MILKY WAY RING & NAILS/gaga black  
Tattoo: -Munique.  Tattoo Angel New
Dress: -Munique.  Sexy leo dress Blue New
Shoes:-N-core  *Group Gift* Coquette Platform

Pin up > bar stool  New

LOOK*320 Who lives without folly is not so wise as he thinks ....

Skin:--[PF] Elly <Sugar> - Pure (dkbrow)  
Hair: -[e]-Say -Blonde Gift
Earring:-..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Scarlet Earring White 
Nails:-[MANDALA]-MILKY WAY RING & NAILS/gaga black 
Lipstick: .Pekka.CANDY Lipstick
Sweater:-(Chemistry) ZOE SWEATER SHIRT - Meow
Jeans:-{mon tissu} Nora Skinny Jeans  New
Feet:- -N-core   "Feet" 

LOOK*319 Makes more noise than a falling tree rather than a growing forest....

Skin:-LAQ -~ Ebba - [Fair] - 01 
Hair:- /Wasabi Pills/ Jacqueline Mesh Hair - Blonds New
Lipstick: .Pekka. CANDY Lipstick Colours (Banana)
Hat:-[Dolly] Street Cap - FuckYou New
Shirt:->>>Poison<<< Tulipana blouse 5_mesh New
Short:-:FY: Mesh Sporty Shorts (GREY)
Feet:- -N-core   "Feet" 
Feet:-N-core "Feet"

venerdì 15 giugno 2012

LOOK*318 friendship is one of the best thing for humans... Why???? Look this two girls...!!!

On Panteranera Brune (left):
Skin:--[PF] Elly <Sugar> - Pure (dkbrow)
Hair:-::Exile:: Secret Summer: Light Blondes
Lipstick:-.Pekka. CANDY Lipstick (2)
Glasses:-(Yummy) Fabby Glasses - Maroon
Earring:-..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Scarlet Earring White
Nails:-Izzie's - Cracked Nails (Perfect Wardrobe)
Percing:-[ S H O C K ] Claws of Death Piercings
Leggins:-Izzie's - Leggings Aztec Print yellow Zombie Pop Corn Carnival
Top:-Izzie's - Loose Crochet Top yellow Zombie Pop Corn Carnival

On me (right):
Skin:.tsg. Lumiere :: Catwoman:: NEW
Leggins:-Izzie's - Leggings Aztec Print red Zombie Pop Corn Carnival
Top:-Izzie's - Loose Crochet Top brown Zombie Pop Corn Carnival
Hair:.ploom. Flint - Blondes NEW
Shoes:Mstyle RIVEA Pumps - Taupe
Bracelet: Part of ~Pepper~ Mamba Collection NEW
Earring:..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Heart Set(Perfect Wardrobe)

LOOK*317 for those who know a person who leaves the mold...

Skin:-LAQ -~ Ebba - [Fair] - 01
Hair: -[e]-Say -Brown
Lipstick:-.Pekka.CANDY Lipstick (2)
Eyelashes:-Pink Acid Jelly Lip Gloss + Eyelashes + Blush - Summer Gift
Tattoo:-- BlackFeet - Maori [FREE]
Percing:-[ S H O C K ] Claws of Death Piercings  NEW 
Nose:-[EY:NO] Groupgift (April)
Top:-Munique. Bikini Top Zebra NEW
Short:-:FY: Mesh Sporty Shorts (BLUE)  NEW
Shoes:-[ JP ]:dsg. Sneakers / MultiChange / GROUPGIFT

.Model Pack 3/Munique. Model Pack 4

martedì 12 giugno 2012

LOOK*316 Me and Kiba xDD

On Panteranera Brune ( left):

Skin:-LAQ -~ Ebba - [Fair] - 01
Hair:-/Wasabi Pills/ Lola summer Mesh Hair - Blonds 
Lipstick:-.Pekka. CANDY Lipstick Colours    (banana) 
Percing:-[ S H O C K ] Claws of Death Piercings   
T-Shirt:--.::YoPulga::.Leopard Heart (Black)(PW)  
Pants:-**SHINE** Mesh Patiala Pants Group Gift 
Shoes:-N-core *Group Gift* Coquette Platform

On  kiba Hallison 
SKIN:-the body co. Orchid (01 Fair) - skin + shape

HAIR ::Exile:: Groove Theory: Naturals     
EYE .ID. Light Sensitive/Bloodshot - Light Brown
LASHES Pink Acid Exotic Top Alpha Eyelashes <3  
LIPGLOSS  -Sorry.Asia- Taste It Lip Gloss  (store closed)
SKIRT ::C'est la vie !:: summer long skirt(flower moca)   


Pose:-Munique. What friends are for New

LOOK*315 Me and my love ... my best friend sl rl... i love you so much.

On Panteranera Brune ( left):
Skin:-LAQ -~ Ebba - [Fair] - 01
Hair:-/Wasabi Pills/ Jacqueline Mesh Hair - Blonds 
Lipstick:-.Pekka. CANDY Lipstick Colours Edition ( fluo pink)
Percing:-[ S H O C K ] Claws of Death Piercings 
T-Shirt:-.::YoPulga::. Pink Peace Mesh Shirt 
Pants:-Rerty Slime Denim (Custome4) 
Shoes:-* .:: deeR ::. * MESH high heels platform  
"Group Gift" 

On Kjara ( right):
Skin:.tsg. Lumiere :: Catwoman:: 
Vest+Pants:Belote - High Pants and denim vest ->(MESH) PERFECT WARDROBE
Accessories:..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Heart Set(PERFECT WARDROBE)
Shoes:N-core  Coquette Platform "Wild Edition"Group Gift"

Tatoo:- piccara - Tat. CUTE :) GSP

LOOK*314 My life is beautiful because it's you and I want to share it with you forever love!

Skin:--[PF] Elly <Sugar> - Pure (dkbrow)  
Hair:-MONS / Hair - Ella TDRblue 70L
Bracelet:-.:: Fear Us ::. Eternity - Bracelet 
Nails:-[MANDALA]-MILKY WAY RING & NAILS/gaga black
Top:-Le*se - Cropped Tie Top Denim Light Blue
Skirt:-Color.Me.H.O.F [MyCrossSkirt MESH] 70L
Shoes:-*TwInS FaShIoN - TF* Farm Shoes Black

sabato 9 giugno 2012

LOOK*313 I felt that I was missing something in life ... Then I met you and I understood what it was ... You!

Skin:-[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Debbie ] - [ - Ohh Deer Chantilly] group gift
Hair:->TRUTH< Roma - espresso New
Necklace:- Izzie's   - Panda Necklace  New
Top:- Izzie's   - Tri Color Top sky New
Pants:- *TwInS FaShIoN - TF*  L Harem Pant Leo White New
Shoes:-[pivaaca] HempSole Slip-On *Marine-Stripe* Gift

LOOK*312 And then sometimes I get lost in your eyes deep blue, are the most special creature I've ever met in this world u.u

Skin:--[PF] Elly <Sugar> - Pure (dkbrow) 
Hair:-/Wasabi Pills/ Lola summer Mesh Hair - Blonds New
Lipstick:-.Pekka. CANDY Lipstick Colours (blue) New
Necklace:-Izzie's - Panda Necklace New
Dress:-Izzie's - Anne Dress eggshell New
Shoes:-* .:: deeR ::. * MESH high heels platform Gift

giovedì 7 giugno 2012


On Kiara Palmira (left)
Skin:.tsg. Lumiere :: Catwoman:: 
Hair-:::Exile:: MIdnight in Paris: Dark Blondes
Sweater:*Fashion Style* Mesh Sweety Pull Over Little Girl NEW
Skirt:*Fashion Style*- Skirt Mesh Pink&Blue

On Panteranera Brune (right)
Skin:-[Atomic] Grace Skin (LB)_Buff - Minimal
Hair: -[e]-Say - Blonde
Nails:-[MANDALA]-MILKY WAY RING & NAILS/gaga black
Necklace:-Izzie's - 50's Pearl Necklace blue NEW
Tattoo Face:-Munique. Tears 4 NEW
Bracelet:-Munique. New York Bracelet Blue NEW
Lollipop:- DAMNED - Lollipop
Dress:-*TwInS FaShIoN - TF* Tank Backless Dress Black NEW

martedì 5 giugno 2012

LOOK*310 Friends

 On Cobra Barbasch
Skin:-NIVARO- Crow Skin - summertone - linehair_hair
Hair:-Entente- Marc Hat & Hair - B&W
Shirt: AKEYO_Hoodie_PLAIN_ New
Jeans:Spirit Store - Melly rigged mesh jeans unisex white
Shoes: ! Sneakers Miles - Light / REDGRAVE (RGP2310003) New
On Xuruseiyatsurax
Hair: >TRUTH< Jessie -  light blondes  Gift
Pants:-Le*Se - Sporty White
Top:Off Shoulder top - Vip group gift
Shoes: UBU -PornStar Lo-Tops 
 On Panteranera brune
Skin:-[Atomic] Grace Skin (LB)_Buff - Minimal
Hair: -[e]-Say - Blonde
Nails:-[MANDALA]-MILKY WAY RING & NAILS/gaga black
Jacket:-Belote - Blue Denim Vest
Pants:-Belote - Jeggins - 01
Belt:~Pepper~ -Bicycle Belt v
shoes:-[PM] Pixel Mode: Subscriber
On Ragazzapunk juliesse
Skin: {.essences.} Rowena - Rosy Pale - NEW
Hair: (r)M ~ Hair No.25 ~ Dark Brown - NEW 
 Lashes: :OW: "ELiTE" MAX Eye Lashes - NEW
 Nails: ...::Scrub:::.. Supreme Nails - NEW 
Jacket: AKEYO_Hoodie_PLAIN_BOX - NEW 
Socks: erratic / fishnet wide / black 
Shoes: N-core ETOILE "Black"  
 On Kevinscore
 Skin : -Entente- Matthieu Skin - Tone C - Black - Bald
Hair Base : .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ BLACK Hair Base ~ Tribe 4 
 Hair: [Atro Patena] - Lukas_Coffee
 Glasses : kapone sunglasse VL blackGold
 Ears : <- PoM -> - Alpha - Ear - Both
bag : [ JP ]:dsg. DIVIDER BAG / Multi-color / MALE  
Hair Facel : Zovo - Lazy (dark) Brown
pant: [ JP ]:dsg. Sweat Pants / Black / MALE (S)
shoes : Kapone - Noreaga BGold
tatoo: .:villena:. - Stay Gold light (male)