mercoledì 27 giugno 2012

LOOK*326 Life!

Life is made up of small insignificant happiness, like tiny flowers. It is all about great things, like studying, love, weddings, funerals. Every day little things happen, so many that I could not count them or keep them in mind, and between them lie the grains of a happiness hardly noticeable, that the soul breathes and by which he lives...

Skin:-LAQ -~ Ebba - [Fair] - 01  
Hat:-(Rerty) New R Cap ZEBRA Mesh New
Hair:-[y] Camille - Light Red
Lipstick:-Lipstick: .Pekka. CANDY Lipstick
Nails:-[ S H O C K ] Plaid in Colors Nails New
T-Shirt:- :FY: Baggy Sweat Shirt (zombie cat) New
Pants:-.:Useful Things:. gaga pants mesh blue (dark pantie) New
Shoes:-..:: Energie ::. White Slips  Bag 1 linen

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